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Message From Chairperson

Bikash Bade

Dear valuable members,

I am pleased on behalf of the Members of Board of Directors of Chandeshwori Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. to welcome you to its website. Chandeshwori Saccos is a well-established Community based Co-operative with a remarkable business track record that expands over 2 & half decades. Chandeshwori Saccos was establish in 2047 B.S. Since the very first day of its operation , Chandeshwori Saccos has gained a distinguished reputation for being a responsible Co-operative service provider to its members that adheres to the highest regulatory and community  standards with an unquestionable honesty and integrity. Sound member service must be built on the foundation of fidelity, trust and reliability, and these are our core values that govern our dealings with all our valuable members.

We seize this opportunity to thank our member for their continuous support & blessing.


Thank You,


Bikas Bade


Chandeshwori Saccos.

Message From Chief Manager

Jhalendra Dahal

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Email : jhalendra.dhl@gmail.com